Member Agency Portal

Though this page is designed as a self-serve page for Member Agencies, please don’t hesitate to contact ToolBank staff for assistance. If you need help navigating our tool ordering system or figuring out what tools you need to complete a project, or if you’d just prefer to pay fees or schedule an appointment over the phone, we’re here for you. Give us a call at (513) 246-0015 or email the ToolBank’s Program & Operations Manager, Jeremy Lawson, at

  • Pay Fees

    Fees are due upon return of borrowed items and may be paid by credit card or check (made payable to Cincinnati Community ToolBank). We do not accept cash. If you have a balance due on your account, you will not be able to borrow tools again until the balance is paid. When paying fees online, please include your agency’s name in the ‘Agency Name/Special Instructions’ box.

  • Parts List

    Many of our tools have parts and attachments that must be returned. Click here to view our list of tools and associated parts, attachments, or other items that must be returned. If you borrowed any such items, a parts list with replacement fees per part was provided to you at check out.

  • Equipment Manuals

    Click here to access power tool and equipment manuals. Many power tools can be tricky to operate, especially the first time, and knowing how to operate your equipment will help your project go more smoothly while helping you avoid potential replacement fees for misuse or abuse.

  • Best Practices

    Welcome to the ToolBank! New Member Agency Tips With the exception of tool handling fees, all of our fees are avoidable and we’ve learned through experience ways to avoid fees – and reduce stress in the process! Feel free to implement some of our suggestions. We hope they’re helpful!