As the very fabric of our community, our region’s Banks have continually led the path to building both financially and socially stronger and healthier communities. In keeping with this philanthropic spirit, The Cincinnati Community ToolBank is hosting Greater Cincinnati’s 4th Annual “Banking on Our Community” on June 23, 2017. Banking on Our Community will be a 1-day, hands-on volunteering event, with local Banks and their clients assisting selected local non-profit organizations. This event will help inspire others to volunteer in our community to make it a better place to live, work, and play.

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2017 Nonprofit Partners 

The mission and vision of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is dedicated to creating adventure, conveying knowledge, conserving nature, and serving the community.

With the addition of our fourth pillar to our Mission Statement, Serving Community, we recognize the responsibility to partner with diverse and economically challenged communities in our daily work.

One of 18 affiliates across the United States and Latin America, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Cincinnati helps academically motivated middle and high school students rise above disadvantaged backgrounds and become successful in college and beyond.

Our goal is to graduate young people who are physically, emotionally and academically prepared for post-secondary education and a productive life, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Participating Sponsors