About Us

The Cincinnati Community ToolBank is a nonprofit tool lending program that provides fellow not-for-profit organizations with year-round access to an inventory of tools for use in volunteer projects, special events, facility repairs, grounds maintenance and much more. We provide tools to enhance the charitable sector’s capacity to serve, facilitating hands-on volunteerism in the greater Cincinnati area.

The Cincinnati ToolBank maintains a 25,000 sq ft warehouse on Seymour Avenue with an inventory comprised of more than 220 different types of tools and equipment in volumes large enough to equip thousands of volunteers at a time. Access to ToolBank tools eliminates the need for agencies to incur the expense of purchasing, repairing, and storing tools. By reducing the costs associated with service projects it allows these agencies to allocate more of their resources on their mission.

To learn more about who we serve and our impact in the community, check out our FAQ page here. You can also view our full list of member agencies here to see if the organizations you care about are ToolBank users.


The Cincinnati Community ToolBank incorporated in 2011 and officially opened its doors to the not-for-profit community in July of 2012. Since opening in 2012, the Cincinnati ToolBank has helped more than 430 nonprofit agencies in Greater Cincinnati complete nearly 17,350 projects by providing them with quick and reliable access to an inventory of high-quality tools and equipment. By providing this invaluable and much-needed resource to our member agencies they have been able to equip more than 264,000 volunteers with nearly $8M worth of tools!

The Cincinnati ToolBank is the fourth affiliate of ToolBank USA, the parent organization of the growing national network of ToolBanks. ToolBank affiliates are modeled after the highly successful Atlanta Community ToolBank, which has served Greater Atlanta’s charitable sector for 27 years. The Charlotte Community ToolBank was the first affiliate to join the network in 2011, followed by Baltimore and Cincinnati in 2012. By 2015, the network had doubled in size with ToolBanks opening in Richmond, VA, Houston, TX, and Phoenix, AZ. As a member of the ToolBank network, the Cincinnati Community ToolBank benefits greatly from the sharing of resources and best practices among affiliates. Though an affiliate of the ToolBank network, the Cincinnati ToolBank is independently operated, governed by a local board of directors, and relies solely on local funding to fulfill its mission.