Caring for Dayton

The second Saturday of June may be irrelevant to most, but for the Christian Life Center, this day is basically equivalent to a national holiday. Months of planning and hours of preparation yield the Love Dayton Event, the Christian Life Center’s biggest philanthropic affair, which takes place on this day every year. Equipped with countless wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes, about 600 volunteers go out into the Dayton community to assist nonprofits with landscaping and painting needs.

The Cincinnati Life Center’s mission is: “To know God, be His people, value others and change the world”. Through their Love Dayton Event, the center’s volunteers accomplish all the above. In 2013, 2015, and every year since, helping hands of the Christian Life Center serve about 50 sites in Dayton, completing about 120 projects in just one day.Love Dayton

For this event to be successful, though, the Christian Life Center needs tools to complete their projects. Fortunately, the Cincinnati Community ToolBank has an expansive tool inventory to fill the hands of Love Dayton volunteers. Last year alone, the Christian Life Center borrowed more than $21,200 worth of tools from the ToolBank. “We would be lost without the ToolBank,” said Ron Lewis, the Love Dayton Event lead the last three years. Ron added that although the Christian Life Center has a small tool inventory of their own, it is not nearly as varied as the ToolBank’s. Additionally, the ToolBank is economically sufficient for the Christian Life Center, which is able to borrow about 300 tools for 3% of their retail value. Therefore, the ToolBank is essential to the event’s impact on the Dayton Community.

The Christian Life Center’s partnership with the Cincinnati Community ToolBank exhibits just how impactful the ToolBank can be. Not only does the ToolBank empower Cincinnati, but also it transforms areas as far as Dayton and beyond, making strides far and wide across city borders.