Clearing the Way for Little Duck Creek Trail

How do communities come to be? Support and engagement among neighbors allow individuals to build a communal network, and the Madisonville Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation leverages such initiatives to make a united community possible.

Matt Strauss, director of real estate development and marketing at the Redevelopment Corp., explained that promoting the surrounding neighborhood is the organization’s main focus. From building new homes to educating residents, the organization crafts Madisonville’s needs into opportunities for growth.

In order to brand the biggest impact possible, the Redevelopment Corp. partners with the Cincinnati Community ToolBank. This partnership gives them the opportunity to expand their tool inventory and advance their projects. One of the organization’s biggest projects is paving a bicycle trail along Little Duck Creek. After bicycle activists in the neighborhood expressed their interest in creating a trail that connects to other Ohio trail networks, local volunteers got to work.

The first step in this project was to clear the way for the trail. For this to be accomplished, an expansive inventory of saws were necessary. Fortunately for the Redevelopment Corp., the ToolBank has the required tool capacity available. Next, debris had to be cleared and invasive species had to be extinguished along the trail. These jobs were completed using the ToolBank’s tools too.While this project is well on its way, Matt emphasized that, between clearing the area and laying mulch where necessary, it will take years to finish. Eventually, a bridge will need to be built to connect the trail to others.

In addition to establishing Duck Creek Trail, the Redevelopment Corp. has also used the ToolBank to complete a variety of clean-up projects, as well as for special events equipment to host their annual Cincinnati Jazz and Garden Festival.

The Madisonville Urban Redevelopment Corp. yearns for an intra-personal harmony that yields worldwide progression. “The ToolBank has given us the resources to make this job possible,” said Matt. “Lots of different tools are needed for our projects at different times, and that’s why we partnered with the ToolBank from the very beginning.”